by Agricultural Cooperative of Kritsa

In their efforts to produce the world’s best olive oil, the olive growers at Kritsa agricultural cooperative are able to draw on strong allies: one of the oldest matyre olive groves in Greece , an ideal microclimate seemingly made for producing wondrous olives and olive oil and the island’slong heritage in olive cultivacion.

Above all, their passion and commitment to quality drives them to ensure that each drop of Extra Virgin olive oil, cold-pressed within 3 hours of harvest in their own olive press, thus preserving the highest possible food values, consistently produces the best taste year after year. A taste so distinctive, it is named after the land of its birth.

Devoted to he care and cultivation of their precious Koroneiki variety olive trees, they are proud to present to the world the divine, peppery aftertaste of “Kritsa” Extra Virgin olive oil: simply the best there is with the lowest acidity that can be found in the world.

extra virgin olive oil kritsa03

glass bottle packaging capacity: 250ml, 500ml and 750 ml
canister packaging capacities: 0.5 lt, 1 lt, 3 lt and 5 lt

This unique product has won a lot of prizes in Greece and all over the world. It won the first prize of the “Mario Solinas” ( international quality contest of extra virgin olive oil in Madrid in 2008, organized by the International Olive Oil Council. This prestigious award is internationally recognized as the gold standard in olive oil, where dozens of entries from producers worldwide, including Italy, Spain, France & Portugal, are judged for the highest quality and consistency.

The award-winning extra virgin olive oil “Kritsa 0.3” is only available to the specific bottles and metal containers. Any other, similar to them, may be intended to mislead the consumer.

extra virgin olive oil Gaea

bottle packaging with black label capacity: 500 ml
canister capacity container packaging: 1,5 lt

A uniquely balanced, superior quality, aromatic and greenly fruity olive oil with a peppery aftertaste. Proudly produced by the Kritsa Co-op in Crete, a joined venture of GAEA PRODUCTS S.A. and KRITSA Co-op.